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Why do new clients get to pay your incorporation fees after they receive the company's corporate documents and old clients do not?
Staff writer:
July 12, 2014

New clients are important to most companies and building trust is a good place to start - to ensure that new clients become repeat customers. We love our old clients as well but the fact remains that a lot of BVI companies fail in their objective after a few years for one reason or another (failed business idea, loss of funding, change of laws, corporate structure not as beneficial as promised, change of citizenship / residency, etc.). Therefore, there is no reason to continue to maintain a company that is not beneficial to you. 

New clients using our services for the first time are naturally concerned about trusting that we will deliver services as promised. We build trust with them by offering to provide the BVI incorporation services before they have to make payment to us. This leaves us exposed to financial loss but it's a risk that has been limited to date.

Old clients already know that we can and have delivered the services they have requested in the past. Therefore, paying in advance is not a leap of faith.

If you have any questions about the above, send us an email.