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Should I transfer my BVI Offshore Company to another BVI Registered Agent?
Staff writer:
August 29, 2012

Yes, No, Maybe?

If you are happy with your current BVI service provider, then there is no reason to transfer your BVI company to another BVI Registered Agent. The service you receive may get better or worse if you make a change. So, if you are already satisfied with the service you are receiving we would recommend that you stay with what you know.

Changing the BVI Registered Agent of your BVI company also costs money. There is a Transfer-Out fee charged by your current BVI Registered Agent. This fee varies from agent to agent. Our BVI Registered Agent charges about US$395 for a transfer-out.

People transfer their BVI Companies when they are Not satisfied with the service they are getting or they want to transfer for lower annual renewal fees. If you are one of those people, come and check us out. 

If you have any questions about the above, send us an email.