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Will the tax pressure on the wealthy lead to more or less use of offshore services? 
Staff writer:
January 7, 2013

We don't know if it will lead to more or less use of offshore services. We hope that it will be more for obvious reasons. However, there will likely be no reduction in the number of wealthy individuals looking to reduce their overall tax burden. Whether they use offshore options, tax breaks available in their home country, or change of citizenship - they will find a way to lower their tax burden.

This is what we believe will happen in the current environment (i.e. people will keep looking for ways to minimize their tax burden) and will continue to do so over time. People with wealth have more options than people that don't and it is unlikely the government they live under can get them to pay more than they are willing to pay in the long run.

Not everyone that uses an offshore company is wealthy or has money to protect. Many times an offshore company is just a better option than incorporating in an individual's home country.        

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