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With all the pressure from high tax countries, is it just a matter of time before offshore services from low tax nations become ineffective?   
Staff writer:
November 30, 2012

No. The fight between low tax and high tax countries is not new and the fight will continue into the future. If you take a broad view of history you will realize that people have been actively trying to minimize the taxation they are subjected to. The solutions have been varied over the course of time but one thing is certain - people with means do not sit still and take it. And people without means revolt against policies they believe are unfair or unjust.

So, that is where we are and will continue to be - in a state of change over time.  The rules are changed and adjustments are made by the players. The short term may be a problem (depending on the lag time for the implementation of a new law) but in the long run - there will be a solution. The rule makers are aware of this so they try to make the foreseeable solutions (alternatives) as unappealing as they can for their citizens. Some tax saving services become useless and other tax saving services are created to satisfy a need. 

Do you know anyone that can foresee the future? I doubt it. And the government does not either. So, we all have to live with the un-foreseeable and remember that change is a part of business and life. You adjust to the changing environment or die.   

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