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I am the sole director and shareholder of a BVI offshore company. What happens to the company if I die?   
Staff writer:
November 12, 2012

Several things can happen to the company if you die, so the best option is to prepare for such an unfortunate event. Where the BVI company has only one shareholder who is an individual and that shareholder is also the sole director of the company, that sole shareholder/director may, by instrument in writing, nominate a person as a reserve director of the company to act in the place of the sole director in the event of his/her death.

The nomination of a person as a reserve director of the offshore company ceases to have effect if, before the death of the sole shareholder/director who nominated him/her:

1) he/she resigns as reserve director, or
2) the sole shareholder/director revokes the nomination in writing, or
3) the sole shareholder/director who nominated him/her ceases to be the sole shareholder/director of the offshore company for any reason other than his death.           

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