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What is the status of my BVI offshore company?

You can request for a company search to be performed at the BVI Companies Registry to determine the status of your BVI offshore company. Prices for this services varies among service providers. There are several possible statuses your offshore company could have. It could be, in Good Standing, Not in Good Standing, Struck Off or Dissolved / Liquidated.

In Good Standing means that all the government fees due from the company has been paid. Not in Good Standing means that the latest annual renewal fee has not been paid on time and a government late payment penalty applies. Struck Off means that the company has not paid its annual renewal fee in over five (5) months past the BVI Registry's due date. A government restoration fee would now apply. Dissolved means that the company was liquidated and no longer exists as an active BVI offshore company.

Clients prefer to get the status of their offshore company independently when they do not trust that their BVI service provider has been paying the government renewal fee.

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