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Are my BVI offshore company's activities tracked by the government?  
Staff writer:
Sept. 21, 2012

No. There is no tracking of corporate activities done by the BVI government in relation to the companies registered with the BVI Companies Registry. However, you cannot assume that your government will not undertake covert operations if they really wanted to know how much widgets your offshore company has bought and sold. They could infiltrate third parties (if any) or just spy on you. So it is important to make them disappointed when they discover that your offshore operations complies with all of their existing tax laws.

There are no random searches of corporate records in the BVI by any foreign government. Remember, even if such activities were going on in secret at the BVI Companies Registry there would be no identifying information about the directors or shareholders revealed because this information is NOT filed with them when a company is incorporated in the BVI. It is optional to file this information after incorporation, however we do not know of anyone who has done so. 

Foreign governments and other negatively affected parties can take legal action against a specific offshore company and try to make their case to the BVI authorities. If the BVI Registered Agent of your offshore company receives a request from the BVI authorities, the details of the directors and shareholders can be released.

We don't tell you this information to scare you away from using an offshore company but to reinforce the idea of conducting your business the right way so there will be no issue even if the director and shareholder information were known. Maybe this information will scare away people with nefarious intentions for their offshore company and that would be fine with us.           

If you have any questions about the above, send us an email.