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Where can I find an offshore tax advisor?
Staff writer:
Sept. 17, 2012

You can start by looking for a tax advisor that is located in your home country. They would be the ones in the best position to help you become tax efficient as they would (should) be experts on the tax laws that apply to you. A lot of times the ones that are located offshore do not keep up with the latest tax changes for a specific country or region. Therefore you may be proceeding on bad information. 

It will probably be cheaper to get an onshore tax advisor rather than an offshore one. A diligent offshore tax advisor would consult with a tax professional in your home country to make sure what they are proposing to you can work. In this situation, you end up paying for two tax advisors unknowingly.

Remember, when things don't go right you pay the tax penalty - Not the advisor. So pick your tax advisor wisely.  

If you have any questions about the above, send us an email.