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How much can I save by using an Offshore Company?
Staff writer:
Sept. 6, 2012

Only you and your accountant can determine how much (if anything) you will save by using an offshore company. Success is not guaranteed in any business. Just because you are going offshore, does not mean that profit is assured. We can attest to this fact by the percentage of BVI companies that do not renew their registration after the first year. 

We understand that some clients use their offshore companies actively while others use them passively. Regardless of how the companies are used, the goal remains the same. The general goal is to achieve some benefit from its existence. Otherwise, what would be the point? Maybe its the new status symbol to have one?  

In the case of actively used offshore companies, you can analyze an income and expenses statement to determine your projected saving. In the case of passively used offshore companies, it is a little harder to quantify the saving. The company could be holding property or other assets in its name. And what is the value of dealing with easy to understand corporate tax laws and regulation? You can start by evaluating the saving based on what you would have spent if the company was registered in your home country.

The level of saving will vary according to what the offshore company is used for and the tax savings possible according to your situation. We wish that you enjoy big savings now and in the future.

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