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Does it matter where I incorporate my Offshore Company?
Staff writer:
August 21, 2012

That was easy.

We would love to sit here and tell you that the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the best place to incorporate offshore for everyone in any situation possible, but we won't. The best place (jurisdiction) for you to incorporate an offshore company depends on several factors. The main factors are your corporate requirements, budget, citizenship and or your current residency.

Your corporate requirements relate to what you plan to use the offshore company for. Sometimes an offshore company may not be an appropriate vehicle for what you are trying to accomplish.  An offshore  jurisdiction that is Not known as an offshore tax haven may be a better option. Most of the major offshore jurisdictions offer very similar company incorporations. Sometimes the company incorporation laws are virtually identical (I wonder how that happened?). 

The main differences are what activities the offshore company can be involved in. Some jurisdictions approve business activities that others restrict or even block. You have to do research to find out if what you are planning to do is possible before proceeding with an incorporation in any jurisdiction. 

Your budget is always a factor. You don't want to spend a lot of money on an idea that may turn out to be unsuccessful. On the other hand, you may have a lot of extra money so overspending on your offshore company formation is not a problem. 

The prices of offshore company formation services varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some providers have mandatory additional service fees that you have to consider in your total cost. These mandatory services are sometime required by the corporate laws of the jurisdiction the company will be incorporated in. You have to determine what you are willing to spend to proceed with your idea.

Your citizenship and or residency determines the overall benefit of using an offshore company. The reporting requirements in your home country or your current country of residency may outweigh the benefits of using an offshore company. You have to ensure that the corporate structure you set up in an offshore jurisdiction complies with the reporting laws that are applicable to you. There are professions that can help you with this.

Don't depend on offshore secrecy laws for your offshore company to be successful or tempt you to be not in compliance with the reporting laws that are applicable to you. Although most offshore jurisdictions keep the names of the directors and shareholders private and not available to the public, this information can be released under certain circumstances. No offshore jurisdiction wants a bad reputation and there is no sense in protecting someone that is giving the jurisdiction a bad name. Just do the right thing and there will be no problems.           

If you have any questions about the above, send us an email.