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People change citizenship to avoid paying high taxes. Does this work for companies as well?
Staff writer:
Sept. 5, 2012

Yes. You can move your company to a lower tax country to reduce your overall tax burden. However, if you have a substantial business presence in the country you are leaving then the benefits may be minimal.

Some countries impose an exit tax just because they can. I guess they are trying to make it more expensive to leave and you might reconsider. We like to refer to it as the sour grapes tax. Tax laws change sometimes to try to kill the benefits of moving offshore but people and businesses adjust and will continue to adjust.  

The fight between the high tax and low tax nations has been continuous. Some countries claim that others are helping their citizens avoid paying tax! Legally? or Illegally? We don't think it matters. They are just mad because they are losing tax dollars that could be spent on something. Think about it - you would be mad too if you were losing your income to a person or company in a foreign country. If it was me, I would be fully supporting the sour grapes tax to make them suffer for taking away my income.

So as we preach, go offshore from the start. Don't get hit with sour grapes. 

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