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Can I use an offshore company for an import / export business?

Yes. You can use a BVI offshore company for an import / export business. And for other businesses as well. Buy low, sell high and keep the profits tax free in your offshore company.

We provide offshore company incorporations - Not tax planning or corporate structuring advice. The reason we are asked this question is because some clients assume that all offshore corporate services providers provide tax advice and corporate structuring advice, but not all do.

We cannot provide you with a blueprint of how to use the offshore company for an import / export business Or any other business. Each client's situation is different and what may work for someone in one country may not work in another.

Let the tax professionals do the planning for you. There is value in getting good advice from them. They are the ones who know the tax laws that would apply to you and have the experience of knowing what is possible and what is not.

You can do your own research and make your own corporate plans if you want. It will take some time and you will save money over getting professional tax advice.

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