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I have not paid to renew my BVI Offshore Company. What will it cost to restore the company to good standing?

It will cost more than you expect. In certain circumstances it is not worth it to restore the company. You will make this determination after you receive the restoration price quote. The current BVI Registered Agent of your company can provide the restoration fee quote or you can seek do do the restoration without them. The BVI company cannot be transferred to a new BVI Regsitered Agent without doing the restoration of the company.

The cost to restore the company is determined by the length of time the company has not paid to renew, missed regulatory filings, and penalties. The restoration fee involves the following items:

Annual Renewal Fees for each year not paid.
Government Late Payment Penalty for each year not paid.
Regulatory Filing Fees.
Government Restoration Fee.
Service fee for attending to the restoration.
Certificate of Good Standing (optional)
Courier fee.

We cannot provide specific numbers because government fees increase depending on the amount of time that has passed in relation to each year's renewal. The same thing applies to the government restoration fee. The fee depends on the length of time the company has been struck-off by the BVI Companies Registry for non-payment of the renewal fees, missed regulatory filings, and penalties.

Before we would proceed with a restoration, we would request updated due diligence in relation to the BVI offshore company.

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