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We provide BVI offshore company formations and related services to clients worldwide. We are specialist in tax exempt BVI Companies. All aspects of the incorporation and post incorporation process can be completed on-line and via email. Professional personnel are available to help you on-line and off-line.
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Offshore Company Land NewsLetters?

(We provide answers to questions about BVI Offshore Companies and related services).

July, 2015
Can I increase the number of shares my BVI Offshore Company can issue?
Can you open a bank account for my BVI Offshore Company?
July, 2014
Why do new clients get to pay your incorporation fees after they receive the company's corporate documents and old clients do not?
June, 2013
Do I have to renew my BVI Company every year?
Who is the BVI Registered Agent of "X" Company?
Who is the Director and Shareholder of "X" BVI Company?
March, 2013
Can I lower the annual renewal fee of my BVI offshore company without transferring my company?
Can I renew my BVI offshore company directly with the BVI Companies Registry?
Are there any other fees to maintain my BVI Offshore Company?
How easy is it to amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association of my BVI Offshore Company?
What is the latest tax minimization strategy with using offshore companies? 
I am a shareholder of a BVI Offshore Company. What does that mean for me in relation to my taxes?
How do I know if anyone is searching the BVI Companies Registry for my offshore company?
How do I make a lot of money with an Offshore Company?
Can I open a bank account for a BVI Company in the USA?
Am I deleted from the corporate records when I sell my offshore company?
Can I reserve a BVI company name for an indefinite period of time?
February, 2013
Can my business take advantage of offshore tax saving strategies like other large multinational companies?
Will a nominee director and shareholder hide my identity?
What is the renewal fee for a BVI offshore company?
Can I find out how much profit a BVI offshore company made?
January, 2013
Does it matter which BVI Registered Agent I use to incorporate my company?
Where can I incorporate an offshore company without providing much due diligence?
How do I know if my offshore tax saving plan is legitimate or not?
What is the difference between an offshore company and a company incorporated onshore?
What happens to the corporate records of my BVI company if the company fails?
Will the tax pressure on the wealthy lead to more or less use of offshore services?
Can I move my company offshore to save on taxes?
December, 2012
What is the local ownership requirements for a BVI offshore company?
I am planning to start a new business in a foreign country. Can I use an offshore company?
What is the best bank to open an account with for my offshore company?
November, 2012
With all the pressure from high tax countries, is it just a matter of time before offshore services from low tax nations become ineffective?
Can I use my BVI offshore company as a Brokerage Firm?
Large Multi National Companies avoid paying some taxes by using offshore companies. Can I do the same? 
Should I arrange for the offshore company directly with an offshore services provider or use an accountant, lawyer, tax advisor, etc.?
I am the sole director and shareholder of a BVI offshore company. What happens to the company if I die?
Do I have to issue all the shares in my BVI offshore company's articles of association?
Is there a different tax rate for offshore and local BVI companies? 
October, 2012:
Do I have to pay for the shares that are issued to me by a BVI offshore company? 
Are joint shareholders allowed for a BVI offshore company? 
How do you determine if a BVI offshore company is solvent?
What are the activities my BVI offshore company cannot do?
Can my BVI offshore company issue fractional shares?
Can I amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association of my BVI company?
Can the nominee shareholder transfer the shares in the offshore company without my knowledge?
How much independent control does the nominee director have over my offshore company?
What are the types of shares my BVI offshore company can issue? 
What is the maximum number of shares my offshore company can issue? 
Who will be the registered agent of my BVI offshore company?
Does my offshore company have to file taxes in the BVI? 
I want to incorporate an offshore company. What are the due diligence requirements? 
What is the difference between an offshore shelf company and a regular offshore company?
How long will my offshore company last?
Is my offshore company immune from law suits? 
Why was my due diligence rejected?
Why is due diligence required to set up an offshore company? 
September, 2012:
How do I know that you will deliver the offshore company I buy?
Can you restore my BVI offshore company? 
What is the status of my BVI offshore company? 
I have an offshore company registered in the BVI that is struck off. Can I incorporate a new company with the same name? 
Can I use my offshore company to buy property in the BVI? 
Are my BVI offshore company's activities tracked by the government? 
Is it illegal to use an offshore company?
I am Not a professional client. Can I get the discount off your offshore company formation service?
Why don't the high tax countries just lower their corporate taxes to better compete with the offshore tax havens? 
Where can I find an offshore tax advisor?
Why are some offshore jurisdictions more expensive than others?
Is using an offshore company all about avoiding taxes?
Is there more risk with using an offshore company?
I want to sue a BVI Offshore Company. Can you refer me to a BVI Law Firm?
Should I report the income I receive from an offshore company?
I have not paid to renew my BVI Offshore Company. What will it cost to restore the company to good standing?
What taxes do I have to pay in the BVI for my Offshore Company?
Should I let my BVI Offshore Company be Struck-Off due to non-payment of the renewal fee OR arrange for the company to be dissolved / liquidated?
Can I use my BVI offshore company as a bank? 
Does a company search at the BVI Companies Registry show the directors and shareholders information? 
How do I pick my BVI Offshore Company name?
How long will it take to get a BVI Offshore Company?
Can I use an offshore company for an import / export business?
People change citizenship to avoid paying high taxes. Does this work for companies as well?
How much can I save by using an Offshore Company?
Can my kid act as shareholder of a BVI Offshore Company?

August, 2012:
When should I register my BVI Offshore Company?
Do I have to use a local director with my BVI Offshore Company?
Should I transfer my BVI Offshore Company to another BVI Registered Agent?
Is it easy to open a Bank Account for an Offshore Company?
What happens if I don't pay the annual renewal invoice for my Offshore Company?
Should I use Nominee Director services with my Offshore Company?
Do I have to visit the BVI to set up an Offshore Company?
When is my BVI Offshore Company due for renewal?
Does it matter where I incorporate my Offshore Company?
Why do people incorporate and use Offshore Companies? Corporation