Specialist in British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company Formations
We provide BVI offshore company formations and related services to clients worldwide. We are specialist in tax exempt BVI Companies. All aspects of the incorporation and post incorporation process can be completed on-line and via email. Professional personnel are available to help you on-line and off-line.
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BVI Fees - (US$) 

$995  -  Incorporation Fees (Plus Courier/Shipping Fees)


- Incorporation of the company and initial structuring in accordance with your requirements.
- BVI Registered Agent and Registered Office for the
company for the 1st Year.
- Government registration fees for the 1st year.
- Corporate Kit documents.
- (10% Discount Available to Professional Clients) 

(Note: Payment can be made after you receive the Corporate Kit Documents, if this is the first time you are doing business with us.)

$850  -  Annual Renewal Fees 

(Payable after the 1st year - If you want to keep the BVI company's registration current)

- Government registration renewal fees.
- Renewal of Registered Agent Fees and Office Fees.
- Attending to routine compliance matters, reviewing correspondence received and other routine matters related to good corporate governance.
- Email Support to Professional and Non-Professional Clients. (Any Day / Anytime)
- (10% Discount Available to Professional Clients)


$5,000  -  Providing a Nominee Director (per year)

$1,500  -  Providing a Nominee Shareholder (per year)

$275  -  Providing a Secretary (per year)

$275  -  BVI Mailing Address and Mail Forwarding Services (per year) plus postage (if any)

$275  -  Apostilling of the Incorporation Documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and Appointment of First Director(s).) Required for a bank account opening by most banks.

$195  -  Certificate of Good Standing issued by the BVI Registrar of Corporate Affairs. Used as evidence that a BVI company is in good standing at the BVI Companies Registry. (Mainly used after the 1st year of incorporation)

$195  -  Certificate of Incumbency (Registered Agent Certificate)

$175  -  Power of Attorney (If we provide a nominee director.)

$145  -  BVI Company Search at the BVI Companies Registry.

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